Saturday, May 10, 2014

the B word

With my recent post of some irregular bills we got in the mail, I've been sitting down looking through the online banking, balancing the checkbook, paying bills and starting to think about the dreaded B word............. BUDGET!

In just the past 2 weeks I came across some things that have come out of our bank accounts, that I probably would NOT have budgeted for.  Here's my list:

Parts for the Jeep $175 (this needs to get fixed & sold - one of hubbys projects)
Prom tux for DS $85
Prom dinner & pics  for DS $60
Trees from Arbor Day $42.34 (trees for new property)
Bible Study books $87.53 (1/3 of this will be paid back to me)
Parts for lawn mower $91.24 (hubbys needs working mower for his business)
Pressure washer attachment $110 (also for hubbys business)
Electric bill at rental $113 (we usually don't have to pay this)
Carpet cleaning at rental $246 (again, usually we don't have to pay this)

While going through the banking and bills with a fine tooth comb I did find one GOOD THING.....our tax bill of $923 is actually only $478.16 because I paid part of it in April, it just didn't show up on the current bill.  We had already paid $1,320.06 in taxes this year for the hubbys business (sales tax and payroll taxes).  So an updated version of what we have to pay is this:

Add those that already came out of our account to the extras we have to pay this month and that = STRESS

$1010.11 $3,127.58 =

$4,137.69 (on top of our regular bills)

And that $1010.11 all came out of our accounts in the past TWO WEEKS!  CRAZY!!!!  So, I need to do some figuring, juggling, planning, predicting and come up with a solution!  Of course we can try and sell more.  It seems like we just got the ball rolling our our debt and then we've been thrown a curve ball.  Its the things that make you go hmmmmmmm and I guess we need to expect the unexpected!  Stay tuned for our plan......that is if we come up with one!  I need to work on a budget and we need to do our best to stick to it.  We've always had a problem with that!  

being thankful in hard times

As of right now we are still waiting on our ins. company to get back to us.  We heard from the body shop who did the estimate and sent that info to our ins. company.  They told us that repairs are going to be $4800, which is 94% of the vans value.  Which most likely means they will total it out.  We are unsure if that is the case and we are also unsure on the amount they will give us for replacement/repair.  So we are waiting to hear from them.  In the mean time, I've been driving one of hubbys trucks.  Which isn't fun considering the size and having to drive around the kids in it.  We have started looking at replacement vans on craigslist incase it does get totaled out, but until we know  that for sure if/and how much we have to fool with, it makes it hard to know what price range to look in.

On another note, I've still been working and thinking and figuring out our money situation this month with the extra bills we have.  Now, add in the towing bill we just paid and when we get a different van, we will have to pay close to $300 for title and plates transfers.  It seems like theres always big dollar items that come up and are messing w/ our financial plan.  I'd like to keep this debt snowball rolling, but it may have to be put on pause for the time being.  We have sold a few more things this week and will update the what we've sold page.

On another note, a sadder one, in the middle of all the stress of money this month, wrecking our van hubbys grandfather passed away this week.  We will be traveling over an hour one way for the funeral and visitation and probably eating out quite a bit this coming week.

We are believers that God gives you what you can handle and this week/month he sure is "blessing us".  We will get through all these difficult times.  We are  thankful for what we have, that we have things to sell to make money, that no one was badly injured in the accident and for family and the love and support we give each other during difficult times.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

a bump in the road

or a dent in our van!

A couple of days ago our van got wrecked.  Waiting on the insurance to see if they are fixing or going to total it.   If they total it, wondering what to get, what to spend.  We paid $225 on the towing bill, our deductible is $250.  To be continued...........

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I almost can't stand checking the mailbox.  And there are some days I don't!  I feel like we get so many bills in the mail and it's depressing to get the mail.  On the flip side we also get checks.  With hubbys business we also get checks in the mail for the work he has done!  Now, most would be excited to check the mail in hopes for a check, but me?  I still can't stand checking the mail.  There are days where hubby asked if I got it and usually the answer is "nope".

In the past week we have received quite a few holy crapola bills in the mail.  I posted about our tax preparation bill we got this week, $1100.  On top of that we filed our end of year sales tax, hubbys second business has to pay sales tax yearly.  That amount is to the tune of $923.  WOWZA!  On top of those two, we also received our applications for entry fees for some events we do for hubbys second business.  Those entry fees are to the tune of $1550!  Shocking, I know!  But, after those events we usually have some pretty serious moolah to deposit.  Its the initial entry fee that is hard to dish out!

So the next question how do we pay those hefty bills this month?


Most people, including us, don't have an extra four grand in the safe.  We do have $1000 in our EF for emergencies.  I'm sure hubby would call this an emergency!  I however, don't think so!  We probably could get away with paying our accountant next month, the taxes need to be paid and if we don't pay the entry fees, we won't get into the event and won't have the moolah.  We could delay paying our debt down and use that money for these bills or hubby could try and get some extra income w/ his business on top of what he usually makes each month.  A couple times a month we have events for hubbys second business and have cash sales (with sales tax due at the end of the year).  This weekend we may make some extra money with the second business if the weather is nice, we could have nice sales.  However the forecast isn't looking great for business.  I guess this is one of those "family meetings" hubby and I need to have on Dave Ramsey's plan.  So, this post will be TBC.................

Envelope System

The many times we've attempted to do Dave Ramsey's plan we have used the envelope system, but it never seems to stick.  Either we run out of money for groceries and begin to debit or we just don't want to be strict.  Honestly!  It sucks!  Living on a budget!  Only spending the allowed amount!  BOO!   Hubby gets paid again on the 13th and I'm going to take money out for groceries.  The gas envelope, well I'm just not sure that could work.  Who carpools anyway?  My kids take the bus, and we don't just drive to town for fun.  Usually we have to be somewhere.  When I was on Dave Ramsey's blog I read this:

You must remember that the very purpose of the envelope system is to curb your spending and teach you discipline. When you run out of grocery money, you eat leftovers instead of going food shopping. If you see your gas money is slipping away faster than the remaining days of the month, then limit your trips or even carpool.

Dave Ramsey

Since we started selling things and paying off the debt I have become more conscious of my spending.   Over the last 2 weeks, I spent $134 on groceries, which is really good for a family of 6.  Our pantry and fridge are looking a little empty so I may need to stock up on some things for the week over the weekend.  Also, over the last 2 weeks, I've spent $23 on eating out.  This also is really good for me ;)  Now, the hubby, I've looked at his banking over the last two weeks and he can be sneaky.  When he does side work & gets paid in cash he likes to keep it and keep things from me (like eating out or buying something he needs).  He also spent about $60 on groceries out of his account.  I'm going to work on a grocery budget & get things lined up for a grocery envelope in the next week or so and find out if we can successfully work the system. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are trying to teach ourselves discipline!  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Enemy of Debt

So, like most people who are wanting to change their finances around & do things differently I've been reading a lot on the web.  I've found 2 posts on Enemy of Debts blog that I just love.

7 Habits of Debt-Free People

I know managing money is common sense, just like weight loss.  I also know it's easier said than done! With that being said, I get to update the "what we've sold" page today adding another $530!  can I get a "Whoot" "Whoot"?  I'm getting on hubby to list more things on craigslist this weekend, renew some of our postings that haven't sold & maybe lowering the price on those also to move them.  Fingers crossing we have a productive weekend of selling & listing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So, over the past week I've listed 31 items (books, blu-rays & xBox games).  I've sold 9 items in a week.  I've "earned"  $93.93, but after shipping, ebay & paypal fees I'm sitting around $53 profit.  Which I think isn't too bad.  I still have 2 days left on my unsold items.  I'll be searching the house for other ebay worthy items that I think I could make more on ebay than in a garage sale.  I'll add the $53 I've made so far in our "what we've sold", however I won't be able to pay toward a debt account yet because it's still sitting in my paypal account for now.